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About Cody Ellingham

DERIVE Means to Wander
Photographic Explorations of the World’s Cities at Night, by Cody Ellingham.

In 2014 photographer Cody Ellingham set out to live a different kind of life. Inspired by wandering and story-telling, Cody began a journey that would take him from the countryside of New Zealand on an odyssey to the world’s megacities and beyond in his photographic series of Blade Runner-inspired neon cityscapes called DERIVE.

Wanderer Magazine
is a quarterly zine exploring cities and places under neon and moonlight as they have not been seen before, accompanied by words and stories.

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Wanderer Magazine

DERIVE Wanderer Magazine is offset printed and shipped four times per year. Each edition explores themes of modern architecture, urban gestalt, and neon dreams from around the world.

Individual copies of the magazine can be ordered directly via the Derive Store.

The magazine is offset printed in A5 size, and usually has 24 pages or more (I try to grow and improve the magazine with each edition).

Architecture and Photobooks:

I believe in the power of travel and journey, from the unknown to the familiar. From the forgotten and abandoned to the living and vibrant – I feel and understand buildings in a special kind of way. Beyond DERIVE Wanderer my first big project, Danchi Dreams, explored the decaying dreams of Japanese public housing apartments, known as Danchi. This project was successfully funded on Kickstarter and was turned into a beautiful coffee table book. In 2019 I again went on to succesfully crowdfund my second photobook, Bangkok Phosphors.


–- Cody
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