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For $1 you will gain access to viewing my originl artworks, and my creative processes, my artistic journey. You will get to see artworks that are not posted to my instagram, and behind the scenes photos of art im working on. 




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About Mia Crockett

I'm Mia, i'm 17 and i'm just trying to survive as a young artist. 
I love working with watercolours, and traditonal art. I also love photography and film. 
I am currently trying to discover my style of art, and am really enjoying the journey. 
If you choose to support my art, i am extremely grateful xx
lots of love, mia
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Art is my passion, and i would love to do this for a living. As a student money is a struggle for me. If i were to earn $600 a month, i would be able to support myself as an artist and provide you with amazing artwork. I would love to create prints and other things available but at this stage i just cannot afford to provide this. I would love to create a website and make youtube videos your support would mean the world to me <3
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