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For the minimum tier, you'll get to see a glimpse the daily life of Desiring Dead Flesh through our Patreon posts. We'll be trying to post Patreon community exclusive posts on a pseudo-regular basis. Spontaneous Live updates, Travel stories, and "interactive adventures". 

Lyrics Q&A

Ever wonder what prompted us to write a song? The story or meaning behind some of our lyrics? Please send us your questions!

In the future, we want to work on compiling a book with the full lyrics of every Desiring Dead Flesh song, along with some stories about that song, and hopefully answer questions as to just what we're talking about. if you send us some questions about specific songs, they may end up being printed in that book.

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Any supporter who keeps up support for at least three months will have their name in the credits of our next recorded CD.

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We'll schedule in time each month to do a live stream chat or video call with all supporters. Paying attention that we can schedule a time that works well for as many people as possible.

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Once a year, if you've been a supporter for at least 7 months you'll get an exclusive key-chain to remind you that we survived the year with your help!

You also retain these perks as listed in lower tiers:

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  • Lyric Q&A
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About Desiring Dead Flesh

So, as I'm sure most of you know Desiring Dead Flesh has started a new chapter, moving into our van and going on the road full time.
This means that we as a family are more dependent than ever on our music to sustain us financially.
With that in mind along with the numerous suggestions and requests, we've gotten in the past to start up a Patreon page.
We're finally doing it.

Another thing I'm sure most are aware of is our model of playing and selling merch. That being there isn't a model.
We can go anywhere or give you anything with our name on it for free and have always thrived off of generous donations, we feel it's more than paid off for us in the past but it does make things unpredictable.
Because of this, we're hoping this Patreon will open up another avenue for those who are willing and able to support us and see us thrive, and in return, we hope to offer something unique.
We don't want to give you just the merch that we would give away anyways, we don't record in a regular enough fashion to make track previews feasible.

So, what can you expect to get out of supporting us through Patreon?
A more intimate glimpse into our lives as travelers off stage, and some special if not unorthodox goodies as well from our lives, and our shows.

If you want to support us but don't have the financial or emotional stability to make a monthly commitment (couldn't understand more) then you can always check out our merch
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We can start a Desiring Dead Flesh discord server. Allowing us to 'hang out' more often and offer more rewards. 
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