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About Des Melchior

I'm Des and I'm a Brazilian graphic designer from São Paulo, SP. After working with Editorial Design, Web Design and Branding, I've finally found the courage to venture into the wonderful world of Comics and Illustration, and I invite you to walk this journey along with me!

I plan on sharing my experiences on Patreon as I grow as a comic artist and as a person. You'll have access to my creative process during the creation of my projects through sketchbook pages, character sheets, process pictures and more. As a reward for supporting me through this journey, I will offer you coloring pages, wallpapers and other goodies! The end goal is to make enough to publish my current project, as well as to produce quality products for you, such as prints, stickers and more.

I would be honored to have you as my patreon, and I hope you'll enjoy the journey!

Currently, I'm participating in Inktober with a mini comic. It's meant to be a test run for the Graphic Novel I've been working on along with my girlfriend. I have four volumes written, but through this Inktober run, I hope to find the right style and medium for the story.
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If we reach this goal, I'll work on a patreon exclusive zine as a prize for all tiers! This money will help me with art supplies costs so I can keep creating.
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