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About Destinations With Sunshine

                                                                    WHO WE ARE

HI, my name is Ryan. With my wife Lisa and our 3 children Isaac age 13,Hannah age 4 & Tyler age 2 we  run 2 Instagram Pages (Ryan Loves Disney & Destinations With Sunshine) We also have a YouTube page called Destinations With Sunshine & a website called Destinations With Sunshine. Yes i am sure by now you have realized a theme!

Our mission statement is to most importantly "HAVE FUN!'' ''Follow our adventures as we travel to locations big & small in hopes of finding our next Destination With Sunshine!''

See I told you this would all make sense!

So a little backstory (not too long i promise)

I love to travel. It is my passion. So much that i became a Travel Agent on the side. One of my many gigs to pay the bills. I decided to create the Ryan Loves Disney. Instagram page to just showcase my love for my 2nd passion Disney! It was not successful at all but that was fine as it for me was just a way to keep my Disney pictures together and i had no idea what Instagram was anyway..(Really i had no clue. I didn't even know what a # was). My post for almost a year had 0 likes. Again it was fine. I had no intention to go anywhere with this.

In Nov 2015 i became very sick and ended up in the hospital for 2 weeks. Not to make this a sad story i discovered i had a bunch of issues (diabetes,high blood pressure & Ulcerative Colitis) Later i also discovered i have narcolepsy. Anyhow i had Gastric Bypass in Sept 2016 and lost 100lbs! Some of my aliments are gone and some have gotten much worse.

Being home and not working was very difficult. I needed a outlet to display my passion which is travel. Then a funny thing happened. People started liking our post.I still had no idea what Instagram was but i learned quickly. We took our show on the road and took our first big trip last Sept to Cozumel Mexico,Jamaica,Grand Cayman Islands & the Bahamas on a Disney Cruise. We were in love. The kids were as well as they had not traveled really out of state let alone Internationally before. Our initial Instagram suddenly had thousands of followers. We created a 2nd Instagram as we did not want to corner ourselves into just Disney travel but all travel. We also just created a YouTube page to showcase our travels and a blog to write about them so everyone can share in journey.

The reason I shared our history above is to explain this is not only a journey of travel but a journey of self reflection towards happiness and sunshine : Destinations With Sunshine!

To that end WE NEED YOUR HELP!!. We love what we do and creating content for the world to enjoy but it is a huge undertaking (Lisa is a Full Time Learning Support Teacher) so finding time to Travel,write blog stories,make videos,edit videos,keep on top of the website and manage social media is impossible.As well as the cost of travel by it self with a limited budget. We also do much of our work by mobile device which is difficult and pay all expenses ourselves out of pocket.

With your help we will be able to take the journey to the next level,spend some quality time traveling together as a family and put out content more often that is worthy of being liked and shared by all different genres.

We Thank You in advance for supporting us on our next Destination With Sunshine!
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