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About Destiny S. Harris

First off, I THANK YOU for taking time from your day to visit me.

I'm a creator, and my name is Destiny. I have been writing since I was a kid --both music and words, and I am native to San Diego, California (but my favorite team is the Boston Celtics and probably always will be). 

Writing and creating –whether it is music, new experiences, or new informed opinions and beliefs that come via learning- have always been my thing. In addition to my fondness for writing and reading, I also love and enjoy a few other things: trucks, traveling, animals, working out, mountain and oceanic views, and nature.

My ultimate goal is to positively impact as many people as I can across the globe; this contributes to the highly accessible (aka free) nature of my work

I believe that self-motivated-self-education (through **books, **articles, videos, classes, conferences, etc.) is the most valuable form of education in today's world (did I mention cheapest, too). Be a part of a movement. Be apart of my movement, which is: Helping people learn and grow through means of self-education –books. 

Your proceeds will help me do the following:

  1. Donate more to the prison fellowship ministries. 25% of all proceeds will go directly to this organization. 
  2. Help me be less financially reliable on my full-time career, and grant me more time to invest in creating work to positively help others around the world.