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About Dettsu


You will be charged upfront when you pledge! This is to avoid misuse of Patreon content before payment is processed. If you would like to pledge for the Enamel Pin Club for a specific month, please pledge on 12:01am GMT -7:00 (San Francisco time) onward.

πŸ‘ I'm Dettsu, an artist based in the Philippines πŸ‘

I draw and write, and hope to self-publish my own comic someday! I love creating unique tangible merch of my art, because being able to hold it in your hands makes it feel extra special. I've become deeply invested in enamel pins since I started making them, and I'm using this Patreon to share my more intricate designs to my patrons πŸ’–

I don't get attached easily to series or manga. But when I do, I fall almost instantly for the minor characters. My love for minor characters is so strong that I have to constantly make merch of them myself because there's barely any of them out there! I want to share my love for them and make friends with the people who love these characters just as much.

I draw a whole variety of things that pique my interest, and so I have limited my Patreon to an 18+ audience. Please do understand!

β€» PATREON β€»
Through Patreon, I will be able to create stuff full time while focusing on my move and on my healing. I have asthma and PCOS, and looking forward to seeking treatment and moving into a new place that could help me get better. Art is my main means of living as creating has been a part of my daily life. And being able to live through art and sharing my creations is one of my biggest dreams!

Supporting me here is supporting my dreams, and supporting a space for the content I will be creating.

My Patreon is marked as containing content for 18+ audiences, but not all content will have that rating! But all tiers will have access to all Patreon posts and downloadable PSD files.

Please do not share patron-only content outside of Patreon. Doing so will invalidate the support the other patrons are giving this page, and it's unfair to all parties involved. So please do not do it. Users caught sharing content outside of Patreon will be banned from this space.

All tiers will have the chance to vote for the artwork of the month or the next enamel pin for the Enamel Pin Club. Members of the Enamel Pin Club will receive their enamel pin rewards every 2 months.


My Enamel Pin Club hosted via this Patreon is under the name Peach Brooches. I will be designing enamel pins unique only to patrons who will pledge on my Patreon! Designs will be decided on a vote basis, and will be shipped out on the Monday after the last day of the current production cycle.

Important notes:
  • enamel pin production cycle is 2 months
  • pin club members must pledge for 2 consecutive months to get the reward
  • if you pledge late, you can be invoiced for the remaining fee
  • please provide your complete address and contact number for shipping (required by DHL)
  • delays are inevitable due to Covid-19 so your patience is appreciated πŸ™πŸΌβœ¨

If you have questions, please do message me or leave a message!

Thank you so much once again for your support πŸ’•
$174.32 of $300 per month
Slowly getting there!

Thank you so much for the support!! Make sure you answer the artworks and enamel pins poll every month so that I can draw what you like! πŸ’•
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