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Deus Ex Minima is making grab & go encounters with print & play maps for D&D 5e. Use them as one-shot filler for off-night games, string a couple together for a side quest, even use as the seed for a full campaign, your choice!

A little bit of everything

Every Deus Ex Minima supplement will include all of these things:
  • Encounters based on the environment (urban, coastline, mountains, etc.) Each encounter can be used as a random encounter by itself, or chained together to build out a campaign.
  • Encounter worksheets that help you scale the encounter precisely for the group you have at the table so that you can give your group just the right amount of danger! Worksheets include initiative trackers, hit point trackers, and tactical notes for the encounter - print this out, and you won't need extra scratch paper.
  • Print & Play Maps for each encounter at a 1" scale. Slap these down on the table and you're ready to rock.
  • Experience and treasure rewards that scale along with the encounters.
  • Named NPCs for major plotpoints. (Madame Grosventre is the sewer administrator for a small coastal city. Gribble the Kobold is one of her sewer maintenance leads.)
  • Un-named NPCs you might encounter, like "drunken sailor" or "irritated farmer", so you can control how they fit into your game world! (I'm providing a list of possible names, but if you want to use your own list, there's room to write it in.)
  • Full Stat Blocks for the creatures in the encounters, so you don't have to pull out the hardbacks.
  • Story hooks that let you chain the adventures together, if you want to tie it into a campaign.
  • Worldbuilding ideas related to the themes of the adventure, to help you build out your campaign world.

Helps you build your world (but doesn't take over)

I believe that my story is not as important as your story, the one that emerges at the table as you play. I want to help manage the mechanics of an encounter so that the dungeon master can focus on the players and the story that emerges. My goal is to give a framework for your world to emerge as you play, rather than force you down a path.

Deus Ex Minima one-shot adventures will help new players and new dungeon masters get a feel for the game. At the same time, the simplicity and ease of use will help experienced DMs drop these adventures into any low-level D&D 5e campaign as one shots.

Your support helps!

Your support right now will help guide choices on the first adventures and you'll receive maps and encounters for playtesting before publication. Higher levels will receive copies of the adventure upon release in PDF. (If there's interest, I'd love to do printed modules, I'm looking at costs for print-on-demand delivery.)


Here's the plan. The fully-functional single encounter I'm calling a "micro-module", that's going to be the core content for the next couple months, while I keep trying to make larger adventures in this format work to my standards. I have some ideas, but hope is not a plan, so I'm not going to promise that yet.

As I build up a catalog of micro-modules, they will continue to go straight into the hands of Patreon supporters. For non-supporters, the encounters will be published on DriveThruRPG and at a modest price.
  • Throughout 2020: monthly releases, until there's a micro-module for each of the major environment types you're likely to run across in a campaign.
  • Also 2020: Bigger adventures in this style.
  • Also 2020, I really, really hope: Print! I personally really like having a document to hold, read off-line, write on if I need to, and so on. My biggest goal is to be able to mail out adventures every month.

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When I hit 10 Patrons, I'll set up a Discord server to streamline suggestions and discussions!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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