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About Deus Ex Vagina

The night wasn't young anymore, all cats were grey and the city mourned its fallen in a rain storm no one was awake for. 

Welcome to my page! 

I create artwork and visual noir novels in modern and cyberpunk scenarios and you can pledge here to make me do more of it.

I don't need much actually, the only money I spend is for 3D assets and I learned that I can work pretty fast using my current workflow. That means that if just a handful of people support this page monthly releases are well within reach. If we make it past that I would like to invest in some better hardware for faster work and renders, but I don't have it bad as it is.

So thanks in advance for any support you can give and I hope you enjoy my work!
Current projects:

Ghost in the Sheets:

Ghost in the Sheets is my cyberpunk noir themed visual novel centering around former special forces and police officer Moira. Ever since she quit the force she's been looking for a purpose and willingly jumps on the chance when her old comrade tries to bring the crew back together in the hunt of a rich fuck's missing daughter.

  • Status: The first episode is finished and can be played here.
  • Expected release date of Episode 2: October 2019

  • Noirty By Night:
    Noirty By Night is a modern noir themed crime story that revolves around a dead undercover cop murdered by his fellow officers, a murder investigation spiraling out of control and wide-spread corruption dragging everyone down regardless of whether they want to or not.

    • Status: Currently working on the script and rendering the first few scenes. I have a playable product, but it's very short so I'm not releasing it yet.
    • Expected release date: October 2019

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    If I can get to this level I'll be able to afford a new GPU to half my render time and bring more, better content to you faster. 
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