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Introducing Patreon's platform integrations
Tens of thousands of creators are using Patreon's membership platform to power and grow their businesses.
Now we're making it easy to extend membership across the web by integrating Patreon with the tools creators depend on most.

Here are some ways our API powers membership in new places

  • Patron-only content
  • Automation for rewards
  • Patron-only communities

Patron-Only Content on Creator Websites

Integrate with WordPress
Just like Australian comedy podcast Sanspants Radio, creators can extend Patreon membership directly onto their WordPress site, which makes it easy to share membership tiers, patron-only content, or give patrons an ad-free experience.

Automation for Low-Maintenance Rewards

Integrate with Zapier
Zapier allows you to connect apps you use every day directly with Patreon, which automates tasks and ultimately gives you more time to focus on being a creator. Patreon creator Fraser Cain of Universe Today uses Zapier to automatically add new patrons to his email list on Nimble, and segments them into different email groups based on their pledge level.

Special Features for Patrons

Integrate with Discourse
Discourse is modern forum software for online communities. The Fantasy Footballers have a public Discourse forum where patrons receive access to private “#FootClan Leagues” discussions and “Footclan” badging next to their aliases in Discourse.


Patreon’s App Directory will give you more choice on how and where you run your membership business
Integrate Your Favorite Tools

Take advantage of our membership platform while using tools that already work for your audience.

Make Rewards Easy

Unlock exciting rewards for your patrons via integrations with minimal effort.

Maintain a Unified Presence

Maintain a unified presence by running membership on your preferred platforms.

Spend More Time Creating

Decrease your manual tasks with automations and spend more time creating.

Developers & Partners

Grow your business by building tools for creators and patrons in a thriving web membership economy.
Increase Engagement

Increase engagement on your site by introducing a membership ecosystem.

Focus On Your Strengths

Share your company’s expertise while we take care of getting creators paid.

Boost Visibility

Increase your business's visibility to Patreon creators as they search for tools in our App Directory.

Join Our Mission

We are dedicated to putting creators first. Join us in building solutions that actually get creators paid.