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What's up, guys? My name is Dean & I'm the founder/owner of Devil's Lair Comics: a comic book publishing company that's all about telling great stories about superheroes, super villains, aliens, gods, & monsters! Ever since I was a kid, I've always loved to draw...& when I started my sophomore year of high school, I decided to become a comic book creator; I draw, write, ink, & color (I'm practically a one man publishing company, ha ha).

Now, I know what you're all probably thinking:
"What the hell makes THIS guy different from all the other superhero writers/artists out there?"

Well, I'll tell you!

You see, Devil's Lair Comics isn't solely about superhero stories; the characters that I feature in my books come from a wide variety of backgrounds and go through a ton of trials that many of you will hopefully find quite enjoyable and relate-able (to a degree). One such example is in the "Demon & Angel" title: the main characters of this series are Jake Thompson & Alexis Williams, a couple of New York teens that are not only dealing with the hurdles that come with dating and being in high school...but they face crime, super villains, and even the forces of Hell itself as the city's most supernatural superheroes: Demon and Angel!

This is only but one of the many stories/concepts I've created that (I feel) sets me apart from other artists/writers out there.

How about it folks; ready to enter a new world of thrills, chills, and wonder?
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Once this goal is met, I will be able to shift my focus more towards the production of the book
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