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My name is Devin James, and I'm on a journey to create #flowtherapyMy goal is to make the word "therapy" cool, because it has been given the connotation that something has to be wrong with you in order to go through it. 

I want to teach kids and adults alike how to express themselves through poetry that taps into their emotions, and gives them the confidence to self explore.  It's my belief, that if everyone had a way to thoroughly process their feelings without judgement, we'd have a world full of people who aren't hurting as much...

So help me continue to make #flowtherapy podcasts and videos, so that those who need to hear these words can.  Moreover, help me get these concepts and ways of social emotional learning into educational systems so that kids can start processing their feelings early on, and can see the word "therapy" as something positive.

Thank you!
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