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About Devious Eye Entertainment

We are Devious Eye Entertainment, and we have had an incredible three years. We created an IP, made a bunch of shows to have fun and be silly, turned a spare bedroom into our office, created a super awesome entertainment and game news show, and became partners with various amazing industry giants (Microsoft, Unity, Daz3D, etc.).

We’ve worked hard over the last three years to make Devious Eye Entertainment a place for Best Friends to celebrate what they love and help create the best possible experiences ever. If you’ve ever enjoyed Devious Eye Entertainment’s content, we’re asking for you to show it on Patreon -- it can be a one-time donation or you can stick around as long as you like.

Let’s see why we’re worth the support in 2019…


  • E-Spot!: The driving force of our community is always growing. We are providing so much content and this year it expands even more as we bring you new entities of E-Spot! Including E-Spot! Presents: Game Center our all gaming news and updates for the entire month half hour show. E-Spot! Live which is our new edition featuring local entertainment locales. E-Spot! Reviews our first ever dedicated review show for games, movies, and more as well as so much more.

  • Rival Warzone: We are pleased to announce our newest show Rival Warzone, a competitive spot of entertainment featuring gaming tournaments, paintball and nerf wars, go carting and much more. The culmination including a special nerf game based loosely around The Purge.

  • Live Streams: This year we plan to jump right back into livestreaming to provide some of the funniest experiences and commentary for your enjoyment. We plan to utilize all the major streaming platforms out there including Mixer, Twitch, and YouTube, or if you prefer you can even watch our streams directly from our website.

  • Podcast: We want to start providing you with a unique podcast utilizing all our humor and creativity to give an experience like no other.

  • Animated Series: We have started production on a few animated series that we are super excited to share with you all.

You might have noticed that the above mentioned line-up is quite a bit of content as is our video game and music we are creating. We are doing all this because this is our passion, our future, and our focus. We want to achieve success more than we have already but we also want to provide the greatest experiences for all of you our very own Deviants. We are LITERALLY running out of space, and if you’ve enjoyed our content and look forward to WHAT’S NEXT, we’re asking you to help us get to that next level. During this year we have more work than ever before and some of us are even putting in close to 24 hour days to bring you our content, every new dollar we raise goes toward materials, our game, our shows, food… you name it we use it to survive and greatly appreciate it more than we could ever show.-- whether it’s a pledge increase or a brand new Patron -- is going towards the future of Devious eye Entertainment and we thank you tremendously.

For your contribution to help make all this a reality, we are introducing Deviant Memberships. Patreon has been the lifeblood of Devious Eye Entertainment from Day 1, and we’ve completely retooled our Patreon by introducing four membership options to get the content you love.

  • Bronze Membership         $10
  • Silver Membership           $20
  • Gold Membership            $30
  • Platinum Membership   $40
  • BAMF Membership       $75
  • Early Access                 $100
5 of 10 patrons
First goal EVER! To set off our Patreon voyage, we would like to reach our goal of at least 10 Patrons. That's YOU guys! We know we can make it there with YOUR help. So please! Donate! Share the word! Every little bit helps support us in our endeavors and we appreciate it immensely! <3

Go forth! And may the Schwartz be with you.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 19 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 19 exclusive posts
Audio releases
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