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About devkitPro

devkitPro produces cross compilers and libraries intended for use by hobby programmers writing their own games and applications for popular games consoles where it's possible to run unsigned code. The goal is to provide amateur programmers with the means to program for resource limited devices and so gain valuable experience which would transfer well to a career in game development.

devkitARM was the first toolchain and remains the most popular of our toolchains today. The toolchain has evolved over the years to support several ARM based consoles, including the Nintendo 3DS. 

devkitPPC first arrived in early 2004 and later incorporated libogc which provides a multitasking runtime and comprehensive access to the gamecube hardware. In 2007, with the appearance of the Twilight Hack, it became possible to run code on the Wii which allowed us to update libogc to support that platform too. Right now we're working on standardising WiiU support too.

devkitA64 is our latest addition to the stable and, in combination with libnx and our ever growing selection of portlibs, brings the ability to write code for the Nintendo Switch.
Recently we've also adopted pacman from arch linux,  which allows us to package all the tools and libraries for convenient installation and update on windows, linux and macOS. Getting the tools set up for homebrew development has really never been easier.

By contributing, you are enabling devkitPro to grow and mature, helping us invest in bug fixes, hosting, purchase hardware for testing and allowing us to spend more time improving the tools you know and love.

If you'd like to make a one off donation instead then you can do that at the support devkitPro page

Thanks for your support and helping us to continue supplying excellent toolchains!
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