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Web comic and Illustrations - "Devoto: Music in Hell"

Ontology, romance, and healthy smut!

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Milestone Goals
Backups of the Comic on Cloud!
$10 per month
A total of ten dollars per month will allow me to back up all of the documents associated with the comic on Google Documents' Cloud service. This means that even if my hard-drives fail or my computer is stolen/destroyed, the files themselves will not be lost. One page (an unremarkable early one I can easily redo) has already been lost in its original form due to such an event in the past. If this goal is met, then the Patreon page will have at least one new sketch per month of a character from Devoto: Music in Hell!
Traditional Media Bonanza!
$25 per month
Achieving $25 a month will allow me to purchase more traditional media supplies. This means that the monthly sketches can pack a far more colorful punch! I tend to work in markers or in acrylic paints when I create traditional media artwork, but many of my paints are student-grade and therefore have very low/poor pigment, and many of my markers are in need of ink refills. If I achieve $25 a month, then I can upgrade the depth and quality of the bonus sketches! This is under my commission rate for sketches so it is a good bargain and you know it's going back into art! I purchase my supplies at Wet Paint in St. Paul, a locally-owned artist supply store.
Advertisement Removal
$70 per month
At $70 per month, I will remove all contentious advertisements from the site (currently defined as male-oriented het porn with problematic aspects and/or anything that gets complaints), leaving only helpful advertisements for LGBT content and the like. As it stands, some rather icky ones pop up, but as a "mature" site I don't have many options for getting ad revenue. I will also upload an additional sketch every month. This could also definitely help me out with art supplies and even a new desk!
2 Dedicated Livestreams per Month
$120 per month
At this generous level, I will have two scheduled Livestreams per month, announced ahead-of-time on Patreon, Twitter, Livestream, and Tumblr. Watch the project come alive! Depending on the circumstances, it might be comic pages, sketches, prints, or other goodies. I might also do some traditional media Livestreams if I get a working webcam. I definitely have a working microphone though, so listen to me blabber away....
Escape from Crap House
$245 per month
The master goal! This would be a sufficient financial injection to move me out of my barely-heated, borderline-condemned firetrap of an apartment and into an apartment with electric lights in every room! Or maybe just 3/4 of the rooms! Either way, a step up. If we reached this goal, then everyone in the $10/month tiers and up would receive a signed miniprint and a sticker every single month! There would also be a new fully-rendered picture every single month, available to all.


I'm a mid-20s, workaholic, lab-dwelling organism that has a sporadic inclination to contact the outside world. This is normally expressed through bizarre comics and pictures of people at socially unacceptable degrees of nudity. Thank goodness for the Internet!


Minnesota, USA

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Hello! I'm Anne, the creator of Devoto: Music in Hell. This webcomic is the synthesis of basically everything I like to draw--handsome men, assertive women, demons, critters, and obscure references to 1990s malware. Somewhere along the line, I discovered there are actually people who like to read it as much as I like to make it. Thank you!

I'm hoping for some support through Patreon to keep my art thriving. First and foremost, I am hoping to get enough money that I can have backups of all my files online, to ensure that I don't lose the work I've done in the case of some calamity. After that, it's all about the resources to expand the scale and quality of my artwork! Pens, Bristol board, acrylics, software licenses--these things aren't cheap. I'd also like to remove advertisements from my site, if at all possible, to improve the reading experience. In return, I hope to offer more and better art, including desktop backgrounds and other goodies! If support were very high, I would like to hire help in putting together the comic in a printed edition. As it stands, I don't know how that is done and would have difficulty providing the best possible product.

Every little bit helps me a lot. I'm currently living on a graduate student stipend and I have to be mindful of my budget. For example, a single dentist visit wiped out my post-rent income for over a month. Owch. If you are able to chip in at all, it could make a huge difference. Thanks very much for your help and for your readership!
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