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Tier 1
per month

• Donor Role in JukeBot's Server

• Queue songs up to 5 hours long

• Queue up to 1000 songs from a playlist

• Queue live-streams

• Up to 50 custom playlists

Includes Discord rewards
Tier 2
per month

• Donor Role in JukeBot's Server

• No song duration limit

• No playlist import limit

• Queue live-streams

• Queue Spotify playlists

• Up to 50 custom playlists

Includes Discord rewards
Tier 3
per month

• All the benefits of Tier 2 plus...

• You can register a premium server; all members of that server will be able to use tier 2 level rewards (i.e. queue livestreams, 50 custom playlists, Spotify playlist support etc).

• Multi-server discounts; 50% off for each additional server. $3 for the first server, $1.50 thereafter; 5 premium servers = $9

Includes Discord rewards



About Devoxin

JukeBot's Server

Hey :) I'm Devoxin, the developer of JukeBot. This Patreon page serves as a way of supporting the development of JukeBot, and keeping it running in the process. JukeBot has grown substantially since it was first created, and the hardware needed to support it and keep things running smoothly becomes expensive as it continues to grow. By pledging, you help to cover the costs of the hardware, and in return you get some neat perks! You can check out the tiers on the right if you're on PC, or scroll further down if you're on mobile for information on the rewards. All donations, be it small or large, are greatly appreciated :)

JukeBot's Backstory
JukeBot was originally a soundboard bot called "NootBot", whose sole aim was to play Pingu's "Noot Noot" sound effect when a command was given. Eventually, various meme sound effects hosted on YouTube were added to NootBot. I eventually realized that, the bot wasn't limited to just memes. It could play (almost) anything that YouTube had to offer. It was then that I looked into the possibility of creating a music bot, thus JukeBot was born. While JukeBot remained written in JavaScript, the functionality remained limited, and JavaScript didn't have the level of scalability needed to ensure that JukeBot had a future, so it was rewritten from the ground up in Java (and is now slowly being ported to pure Kotlin for a cleaner, and easier-to-maintain code-base).

Side-note: At the time of writing (28/08/2019), JukeBot is in just over 46,000 servers, serving just over 2.5 million users! A massive thank you to everyone that uses JukeBot 😊

~ devoxin#0101
87% complete
This is more of a dream than anything else, although you're welcome to help me hit it. It'd be greatly appreciated :)
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