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About Dexyfex

Help support the development of Galaxia Procedural Universe Engine by donating!

Galaxia allows the player to explore a massive procedurally generated universe in real time. From the planet surface to the intergalactic scales, movement can be manually controlled. If you can see a star in the night sky, you can fly to it. Planets and moons rotate in their orbits to produce day/night and yearly cycles.

The current goal is to turn the engine into an exploration and building game, allowing the player to interact with (i.e. destroy) voxel terrain surfaces and build structures on planets. At the same time, increasing performance and rendering quality is of high importance.

Minimum System Requirements
Galaxia is designed for use on a modern gaming PC. Currently only Windows x64 (7 and later) and DIrectX11 is supported. The minimum recommended system spec is:
i7 3GHz+, 16GB RAM
NVidia GTX780 or AMD equivalent. (Minimum 2GB)

For free downloads and technical information see my dev blog at
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