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  • Unreleased Folder: Folder of doodles, rejected fanart, basically all art that hasn't been posted with the exception of MRS.
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- Previous Tier rewards
- Access to step for step Art Guides in Video or Post format (they're like once a month). You can also just suggest an guide you'd want, like how to draw x/y.

Planned Guides:
  • How to draw and colour eyes like Koi
  • How to draw a cute simple a Gochiusa character, for example, Chino




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Hello, thank you for checking out my Patreon!

I am an anime artist, who mainly focuses on creating GochiUsa fanart and have been painting digitally for 3 years. My portfolio can be observed here.

I do not recommend subscribing to me for the rewards, the only really worth part of my Fanbox and Patreon are that you usually get daily WIPs and doodles etc. with occasional speedart videos if you request it but that's about it xd. Be beware that sometimes I won't be able to get all the rewards done on time!

My goal is to expose the western community to GochiUsa and to be noticed by Koi and the GochiUsa community as a passionate fan! 

If you want to pledge more than 2$ a month to me, please make sure to first press the $2 Follower pledge and then increase it up to a custom pledge however much you want!

Please do not post any of the rewards anywhere, may it be publically or privately! MRS art can be used as an icon as long as it is zoomed into the face and doesn't show more than 40% of the entire fanart!

PS: If you're a really huge GochiUsa fan, love all characters, are also a very passionate fan of GochiUsa like me, please send me a message and I'll invite you to my private GochiUsa server!

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