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Hey thanks for your support! You can now get acces to:

  • 2K resolution pics of the color pieces of the month!!
  • My patron-only feed where you can see some WIPs, sketchwork and practices (in standard resolution).

The Hugger
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  • Access to high res versions of my sketches and their PSD files!
  • Get to see some WIPs of the current ongoing illustrations
  • Plus all the lower tier benefits
The Eye Wink
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Wow! You're not flirting with me, are you?

  • Get access to my Discord server! And get even more WIPs and sketches exclusive to the server!
  • 3K resolution pics of the finished pieces of the month!
  • Get 2k resolution PSD files of the finished pieces of the month
  • Get a cool progression GIF of my paintings going from sketch to a finished piece (not a tutorial)
  • You can request a pack with all my old deviantArt stuff that is not available since years ago!
  • All previous tier benefits
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About DFER

Hello there! I'm DFER, I like to paint cute female characters, and improve everyday! You can support me in order to keep creating cool art in a regular basis, and help me to grow into a better artist!

My goal is to be able to produce as much art as I can, while giving out cool stuff, such as high resolution pics of my works to the people that supports me! The more the support I get, the more pieces I'll be able to put out for you to enjoy!

You can get different rewards in different tiers, make sure to check them out!

$305 of $500 per month
If I reach this goal I will be able to make at least 2 paintings each month and more sketches!
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