Dharma Activities of Trashi Palden

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About Dharma Activities of Trashi Palden

Trashi Palden is a 13 years old boy from Bhutan, who claimed to be the incarnation of one of the Tibetan Treasure Revealers. Though, he has not attended either school or monastery, he has learnt basic literacy of his own. Through his interest in reading, now he can write and speak fluently.

In continuance to his past life, he has revealed volumes of sky- treasures, which is believed to be beneficial to the sentient beings. Your generous help would help him to describe the volumes of sky-treasures he has revealed and also spread it. With your support, he would be able to spread his teaching and reach out throughout the world, making them understand, which would be beneficial at the time of death and rebirth.

The support you render would enable him to deliver dharma talks and coordinate dharma activities such as rituals, meditation sessions and organize retreats, and travel to reach out more people.