Diagonal Legends

is creating A 3D Fantasy Medieval Video Game
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The game is nothing but a paper right now, and high risks are involved. But longshots are the ones who sow the seeds of the future. A seed that may become a tree tomorrow!

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About Diagonal Legends

Full Name of the Game: Diagonal Legends

Scope: A Single player, 3D role-playing game in Non-photorealistic graphic style (1:1 scaling), with an early-medieval setting. It is a deep-story driven action adventurer with branching choices & non-linear gameplay, inspired by the isekai mangas and novels, based in a fantasy world.

Short/Basic Plot:
You are transported to an another world, and are born in a household belonging to a happy couple. Fast forward.. and you have just turned 15 and are ready to go out to explore the wonders of this world. Your destiny awaits... !