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About Mitch Miller

If you haven’t heard of Dialectograms then…don’t check your dictionary! It’s a word I made up to describe the illustration style I developed to work with various communities. They’re a cross between maps, diagrams and comics and made through extensive work in the field. The best way to explain what they are is see one which you can do here and here. I write about it all here.

Each of these were made in close collaboration with the people involved – the Concierges of Red Road, the users of Piershill Community Flat, the travelling showpeople of Glasgow. Dialectograms take time, they require conversation, being there, lots of thinking. You can’t churn one out in just a few days. The process is long – weeks and months divide that first handshake, or sip of tea, to scrawling the last ink-line on the board. And it often doesn’t end even with that; most dialectogram projects end with the original being gifted to the community involved, which means getting it properly framed, installed and handed over.

It’s why I love working this way. (And why I’m not very rich…)

How you can Help

This is your chance to get behind this work. If you can give me whatever support you’re comfortable with, then I can continue the slow, careful work of producing dialectograms.

But how will you know I’m working in a slow, careful manner? The Dialectographer’s Bulletin is a free, bi-monthly blog update on all my activities. This consists of illustrated essays, comic strips, sketches, short stories and anything else I can think of – excerpts from dialectograms in process, insights into my methods or reflections on past works. I also put versions of my dialectograms up on ISSUU for people to take a look at. Both of these are free to view so you don’t have to back me to see what I’m up to – but if you are able to spare a bit of cash, then you’ll make it a lot easier for me to carry on my work.

While I do attract project funds here and there, the work I do is long in the making and not very commercial. The communities I work with tend to be marginal, overlooked and are themselves trying to make ends meet. The money would give me the freedom to explore new ideas, scope out dialectogram projects (including those with little or no project support around them) and, knowing that at least some of my own basic costs are covered, go that extra yard with my participants.

Doing this work doesn’t just require a pencil and paper. You also need pens. And erasers. And inks, paints, sometimes new brushes. I work out of a small studio in Glasgow and would be lost without it – it’s not just a place to draw, but meet my participants, hold workshops and talk to myself (as well as store all the junk that doesn’t fit in our small home). This costs me in rent, on top of the usual mortgages and bills to pay, so even just being able to keep this valuable resource  would be huge.

And then there are the other non-dialectogram projects I would like to find more time for –such as  a documentary webcomic I’m trying to get started, a comic book series about the filmmaker Alice Guy, plus some one off projects such as a crazy idea I’m currently pursuing bringing together archaeology and illustration.

If you enjoy what I do and feel it should continue, then I’m happy to oblige! But any help you can give – even just a quid a month – would be massively appreciated and gratefully acknowledged at every opportunity.

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All my monthly material needs are covered – sketchbooks, pens, mountboard. Coffee for the studio. This last one is really, really important.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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