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is creating Comics, illustrations, Graphic Novels, Animated films
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About Diana Kennedy

I am a French-German artist, doing comics, animated films and Graphic novels since almost 30 years.
In 2015, I went on a 7 month foot pilgrimage with my packing donkey GAMIN from South-France way down to Apulia, in South Italy. 2700 kilometers to reach Maglie, the Birth-Town of Aldo Moro, my muse. We also passed at Torrita Tiberina, the little village where Aldo is buried.

The Video above show you some images of this adventure.

When I am not on the road with Gamin, I live and draw in my little stone house in the Vosgian Mountains. 

Art, nature, dreaming and adventure are one whole thing to me. The world is a big storybook. 

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100 a month will pay all for GAMNS hay, food and hoof care.

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