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About Diana Schenkel

As you all know I am a Self Portrait Artist, Photographer, Artists of sorts and this will be for my more sensual work that is not Instagram friendly. Freedom of expression is important to me and I feel this is where I can really share who I am without other website standards. If you want to continue to see my work this will be the place considering 90% of my work isn't public friendly. Only 3 tiers are available. $1.00 level, $5.00 and $10.00 level. For $1.00 you can help me continue my journey of creating. I will post a picture every week for that level (nude or not nude).  For $5.00 you will see my journal entries, poems, full photo sets of scenery, thoughts, and will be given previews to the $10.00 level. For $10.00 you will get a link to download my self portrait set for the week (If I choose to share anyone else i.e. models/friends I work/shoot/pose for or pose with THIS is the tier and of course that will be limited to who doesn't mind being shown or me sharing).

Also images are low resolution and links to download from my dropbox are available for 30 days ONLY.

I ENCOURAGE you to subscribe. I will not be sharing any nude work publicly except HERE from now on or sets of others etc. I only show small previews on social media.

**SIDENOTE** I don't offer prints but prints are available of virtually everything I share here and on Instagram. I'll be glad to print something at your request even if you aren't a member of patreon. I only print 10 of each image I take if I sell a print and only high quality prints. I would rather do this privately so feel free to email me at [email protected]

If you do subscribe. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! You won't be disappointed in the content and I'm happy to communicate and share my intimate thoughts/photographs/life with others who choose to support.

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