Diane Currie Sam, Playwright

is creating a musical theatre production, scripts for plays and musicals
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About Diane Currie Sam, Playwright

Everyone knows the story of Oliver Twist, an orphan boy finding his way on the tough streets of London, England in the 1870’s. But what if that story could be reimagined, not as a story from the distant past, but a story that is alive and happening in modern day?

Olivia is a refugee separated from her mother at the US border and is trapped in a heartless system of corruption and abuse. This modern retelling of a classic tale is a timeless testament to the redemptive power of love and the resilience of the human spirit - and a stark reminder not to repeat the horrors of our past.

The page is to explore the possibilities and to share the journey of getting this musical produced.  

The script of the play has gone through two editing phases with the help of a professional dramaturg (Nicolle Nattrass from BC), who believes it is a well-written play with a strong, relevant concept. It has had a local ‘table read’ with talented young actors in my son’s high school theatre group and some friends/actors from my local community, but has not been produced. 

I am searching for a director/musical composer who would be interested in directing the play and writing music for it, a theatre company who might consider it worthy of producing

.. and a way to pay for it too of course. 

I’ve spent my entire adult life thus far wondering if I could write a play and never quite doing it. Until now.

Thank you for sharing in the journey. I have spread my dreams under your feet.
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As soon as I hit this goal, I can book a theatre, hire a director for a day for an initial public reading and workshop. I'm learning as I go, but this seems to be the next step after the initial table read. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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