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Private tutoring sessions via Google Hangout! I will help you edit papers for a class or a freelancing project or book proposal via Google Hangout (or in person, if you're in the area).
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Academic discussion/class lesson of a topic of your choice (within reason - I can't do calculus) via Google Hangout or in person if you are local.




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About Dianna Anderson

My work has long been about fighting for justice for the least of these, for bringing light into the darkness, and for working to help people to understand themselves as they explore and own their faith. In that vein, I've gained a lot of wonderful, kind readers who are smart, engaging and challenging.

And now, I'm asking my readers to help me out by giving back a little. A Patreon campaign is different from Kickstarter in that it's an ongoing pledge rather than a one-time donation for a large project. It suits blogging and podcasting because it supports ongoing efforts rather than just one large project.

Here's how it works: you pledge to tip me an amount - say, $1 per post. I post anywhere between 15-20 posts in a month, which means I would get paid for however many posts I can create. But you, the reader, don't have to worry about your wallet because you can set a monthly maximum on your donation. Say you can only donate $10 a month but I post 16 times? You still only pay that $10.

How will your money be used? Money generated from this campaign will go toward website hosting costs, rent on a small co-working office space here in town, and toward podcast start up costs. I plan to put the money from this campaign back into generating content for you.

What's in it for me? I've set up some rewards for monthly pledges that I think will fit my readers' sensibilities. As a teacher and a writer, I believe good editing and tutoring sessions are helpful, especially since so many of my readers are in college.

What if you can't help out monetarily? This Patreon campaign changes literally nothing for readers of my blog - you won't suddenly be charged to visit my site or be annoyed with pop-up ads. I will still be producing content and curating blog posts - I'll just be doing it in a more financially secure state.
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I'm working on getting a podcast up and running and getting $100/month on here will help me pay for hosting and subscription services!
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