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The rolling chassis tier for everyone wanting to keep an eye on my build from the sideline every now and then, like opening and closing Facebook waiting for something new and exciting to happen but this time, its me and my build every time you open it.  Yay to race car builds!

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Fully forged tier  - You guys are great!  Thank you for believing in me!

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Turbo tier for those who have full faith in me and my car passion to reach my goal of getting my build running!  You are all amazing! 



About Diary of A Mad Car Girl

Hi!  I am a young, car-crazy, female who goes by the name CJ.  I build and fix up my race car and my daily.

For my daily driver, I have a Subaru Forester XT and for my racing car, I have a little Opel Corsa B 1,4 turbo conversion.

As most car fanatics would know that building cars are hella expensive and tricky to tackle most projects if you're not clued up with your brand.  Here I am, wanting to show everyone detailed Tutorials/How-to/DIY videos of fixing/building your vehicle/race car and of course the racing part of the journey. 

I personally do not race and would rather get my hands dirty in the garage but as soon as my Corsa build is complete, I would love to get onto the track but its super costly to do so.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could support me and make my motor-racing dreams come true while giving you as much insight along the way!

Much love X
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