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is creating an Actual Play D&D 5e Podcast and Various One Shots

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The first-level donation.  Donate $1+ and you'll be helping us afford things like audio equipment, TTRPG content, and even storage space!

You'll have our eternal gratitude, get a shout out on the show, and access to the special Patron tier in our discord.

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Dice Friends

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The second-level donation. You receive all previous rewards in addition to access to full sessions (Example: Session 12 would be Episodes 21-23). Once I'm done editing a session, I'll upload it directly to here so y'all can listen before they come out on the feed. Also special digital content.

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Our third-level donation tier provides access to everything else,
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Thank you so much for your support, it really means the world to us.

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About Dice Fiends

Who are we exactly?
Dice Fiends is a live play Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition podcast featuring a wonderful cast of chuckle-friends.  
Our story is similar to many: in an attempt to have fun one late Saturday evening, 6 strangers came together for a one-shot, but had so much fun that we extended that one-shot into a two-shot... and then a three-shot... and then we turned it into a whole campaign!  
Since then, we've expanded beyond Dungeons and Dragons and to other games systems for one shots such as Hardwired Island or Shadowrun Anarchy and we hope to branch out ever further. But one thing's for sure, whether we're diving into dungeons or trying not to get geeked on the mean streets of Seattle: we're fiends for the sound of rolling dice.
What will your money be going towards?
The money we earn from Patreon will go first to paying for monthly costs such as Pinecast and Zoom, then helping us upgrade our production values with music and audio equipment, before hopefully allowing us more time to devote to the podcast and produce extra content (such as one-shots exclusive to Patrons, enough content to become a weekly podcast, and maybe even new shows!)

Do you have to join Patreon to support us?
Heavens no, any support you can give such as
  • Leaving a rating and review on your podcatcher of choice
  • Telling a friend about us
  • Telling an enemy about us
  • Sharing our show on Social Media (Eric speaking, I will literally shout my thanks at you on the show if you review us or share the show and let me know by @'ing us on twitter or emailing us at [email protected])
  • Follow us on Twitter or Instagram
  • Telling an associate who your pretty much know only in passing about us
  • Just being a wonderful person and listening to our podcast
  • Doing the above but in a car with a captive audience
From the bottom of our fiendish, mispronouncing hearts, to the bottom of your earholes
Thank you;
Eric, Amanda, Kiara, Dallas, and Adam.

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