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New Players

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Welcome New Players and thank you for your support of Dice For Brains! With this Tier, you shall receive these newly minted goods:

  • Entry into ALL the pregame o...

Seasoned Players

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The world of tabletop gaming is now open to you and you have cast off the mantle of “New player”. It's now up to you to find more new players!  With this Tier, you shall receive these seasoned good...


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Nothing helps get new players to the table like running a game and games don't usually get run without you, the GM. With this Tier, we can reward your GM mastery with these fine goods:



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Producers go beyond the goal of bringing new players to the hobby and they help US achieve our goal of bringing new players to the hobby… yeah, its cyclical like that…  With this Tier, your Produce...

Executive Producer

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Okay, this is a little crazy, but if you’re game so are we. At this Tier you are the executive producer for a season of one of our shows. What do you want to hear from an a...