Dice Paper Role is creating a D&D Podcast


$1 /mo
Welcome to the Clan!

Thank you for pitching in. Your hard work, blood, sweat and tears will help make our community stronger. You are the back bone of our fiefdom. In addition to the knowl...


$2 /mo
The fields and markets are not for you. You are not one of the masses. You've heard the tales of old and you dream of seeing the world outside, and leave the world you know behind. Your curious nat...


$5 /mo
Adventuring is in your heart! With one hand on the pommel of your sword, you look across the sea of warriors and lead by example. You charge head long into the heat of battle. Tales will be sung of...


$10 /mo
You don't need a sword to prove your worth. You have risen through the ranks of society by relying on charisma and intelligence. You always have your finger on the pulse of what is happening in the...


$20 /mo
You were born to rule, and you do so benevolently. For some the crown weighs heavy but not for you. Your subjects rejoice in your presence and respect the wisdom you offer. By raising your hand all...


$50 /mo
You walk amongst the mortals of this world, but you are not one of them. You are so much more. Your domain transcends planes of existence and your choices change the lives of a whole people. You cl...