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ur a peni warrior so illustrated sword along with custom peni drawing
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per one less dick in the world


has this every happened to you?
you're walking down the street, maybe wearing a favorite sweater, when some male genitalia comes squirming along, and really just fucking ruins your flow?

this experience od common among people of all ages. that's why here at the 'take down dicks program' vow to hunt down and annihilate every penis, dick, seedtube, cumgun, hot dog, sword, sperm spewer, bat and baseballs, tool of impregnation, and so on from this planet. it is our mission to bring comfort back to those affected by the evil doings of these outwardly sprouting genitals, and remove the threats entirely. if you'd be so kind as to support our cause with a pledge of $1 or more, you may receive a free anti penis illustration, with the shape, length, color, level of detail, and so on per your specification. we here at the take down dicks program appreciate every cent that comes our way, and are a non-profit. none of the donations will go to anything but taking down dicks.

thank you so much for supporting this valiant and socially poignant cause.

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