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You're helping us track dictators. It's heartwarming to know that you are behind the project. Thanks!
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Pick two of your favourite dictatorships and we'll send you an email every time one of their aircrafts moves.

Or pick two airports, and we'll tell you when an aircraft owned by a dictatorship lands there!

Plus, we'll personally respond to any questions you have about the project or flight tracking (within reason!).
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You'll have priority to participate in a plane investigation workshop every year. We'll deduct your monthly payments from the workshop cost which we expect will be around $100 for half a day.

The workshop will take you through all of the skills required to investigate aircrafts, from collecting the data and finding the owners, to figuring out what they're up to.

Plus, we'll set you up with four exclusive email notifications for any plane you like, including your favourite dictatorships and airports.
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