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About Did You Reddit

Dear Sweet Boys and Girls of the Internet,

The Internet is a magical, mystical, confusing, and incredibly terrible place that we here at DYR love more than life itself, and nowhere else on the Internet exemplifies all the best and worst (which is simultaneously the best) parts of said Internet like Reddit. So in 2016, we three curious kittens that we are, decided to start a podcast dedicated to making half-baked attempts at understand the many fascinating subcultures of the Reddit by way of the many strange subreddits and and subcultures they’re about. Since then, myself (u/itsyerdad), u/dogboobes, and u/myfreeday have recorded nearly 60 different episodes trying to understand the world behind different subreddits. Or at the very least, share some of the reasons why we’re excited about them. We don’t claim to be experts on any of them, because apart from r/adultbabies and r/weirdeggs, we are just curious enthusiasts excited about the anomly of the Internet.

But here’s the thing - we’d like to be more of experts at it. Or at the very least, we’d like to get more experts on the podcast so that they can explain the minutia of things like oh I don’t know, r/elsagate, or r/researchchemicals, or heck even r/adultbabies could use a real adult baby on the pod, so we can discuss the finer points about diaper chaffing or whatever it is that concerns those strange(ly endearing) people.

The point is, with some contributions from our fans, even the slightest bit, we’ll be able to do more to accomplish what we started this thing to ultimately do - share our love and endless curiosity for the most intriguing subcultures on the Internet, and dare I say, life? Yeah, I dare say.

So where will your cash be going if you send it to us (other than Dogecoin that is)

Promotion: We’re constantly looking for new ways to get the word out about our show, and in the increasingly flooded pod market, this means we need to invest in more ads, and other cool things to show people that we exist. You know, stuff like…

Merch: You’re goddang right mother fudgers, we’re getting into the merch game. What kind of merch you say? The kind of stuff that strangers will look at and say “hey what the heck is that thing you’re wearing/holding/tweaking/sucking (we don’t know what you’ll do with our merch)”. In which case, you can say stuff like “hey person, it’s this cool podcast about Reddit you should listen to!” or “Buzzoff bozo, none of your beesnuts!” You get the idea.

More guests, more designs, more time: Despite the fact that podcasts pay bazillions of dollars (they don’t), the three of us still have day jobs to keep our butts warm. But, the pod is a lot of work, and will be a lot more work when we start pulling in more interesting guests and experts to discuss some of the subs and topics we’re most excited to know more about. So, with that little bit of Patreon skrilla, we can justify spending more time.

Get on the road: The thing about Reddit is that while there’s plenty of Internet philosophizing to be done, it’s a pretty visual place. Podcasts aren’t visual, so we get by fine without the vis, but in the ideal world we’d like to share the visual part of Reddit too. This could mean upcoming visual pods, but what we’d REALLY like to do is take this thing live. That’s right, some IRL Internet coming to you...eventually...if we can afford it and think it won’t just be us and our moms.

So that's what’s up. We love doing this podcast, and are so lucky to have people who enjoy listening to it every week. Hopefully with your mad earned coin, we can grow this thing bigger and better than ever, and you can say “yeah, those chill DYR peeps are flippin homies bro. They sent me a shirt and sword.”

Finally, here's a video of a dog flying with balloons. Don't overthink it.


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