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About Diego Footer

Let's Change Our World Together...

I started Permaculture Voices from scratch in 2013.

I started it with nothing.

No follower, no sponsors, limited funds.

But I had a goal.

A goal to go out and change the world in a way that resonated with me.

Along the way others who shared this same vision came along and have shown their support both emotionally and financially. Together we have made big changes in the world and more importantly (at least to me) we have all made big changes in our own lives.

Thousands have attended the live Permaculture Voices conferences and tens of thousands of listeners tune to each of the podcasts.

The impact is being felt and we are making a difference.

The spirit of the conference lives on via the podcast and my YouTube channel.  I publish 2 main podcast episodes per week - Grassfed Life and Farm Small Farm Smart, and I try to publish at least one YouTube video a week.

I am asking for a modest pledge to support the creation of content which you value.

Content which has helped you in the past and content which can help you into the future.

Thanks for the support.


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