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I will have updates on the state of the Sooners, game updates, recruiting updates,  and talk about the Sooners chances with the latest top recruits in Football, Men's and Women's Basketball and OU Softball. 

I will answer questions from you from various media forums and give you the best coverage of OU Football from the camp, season, bowl season and off-season. 

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Hi, my name is James Hale and Welcome to Diehard Sooner Reports.
If you are new here WELCOME! I am the creator of Diehard Sooner Reports for the die-hard Oklahoma Sooner football and sports fan who wants quick up-to-date reports on OU Football and every sport the Sooners play. In each short podcast, which would be five minutes or less, I will give the latest from the Sooner camp with updates on how practices are going, game preparation, thoughts from players and coaches, opinions on the Sooner opponents, game day recaps, opinions on the games and the latest on Sooner recruiting.

I have been covering OU sports for 40+ years and I am considered one of the leading authorities on OU Football and OU sports. My main goals with this report are to give each Sooner Football fan a quick update on what is going on with the team that day and also give you my opinion on how I feel things are going with the team. From great games to championship teams, to injuries and highlights I will give you a quick update each day, and on some days with multiple reports, on how the Sooners are preparing and going through for the season.

Then there is always recruiting which we can touch on every single day. 

My goal is always to give you the latest news on the Sooners straight up, and then give a knowledgeable opinion so that we can have a great conversation on OU and where they stand each season, each off-season, and throughout the recruiting calendar.

Media is changing and how you get your news and facts and how you get them are changing faster than ever and I am working to come up with new ways to get the facts of your favorite team the Oklahoma Sooners to you in a quicker and more precise way. I want to give you a place where you can come and hear the reports, converse and we can all follow the Sooner together through each season.

To make this work I need your support. This is a community where we can all have a great time talking OU Football and OU Sports and enjoy the college football season and the whacky world of recruiting. This is our community, that loves OU Football and loves OU Sports and my goal is to provide you with great thoughts and get you thinking about OU Football and OU Sports every day.

To join and become a Patron just click where it asks you do you want to become a Patron at the top of the page and then designate your donation amount and that will allow you to watch every single podcast I put up. Follow the process from there with your payment information and enjoy the best coverage of OU Football, OU Sports, and OU recruiting. 

I hope to grow this facility but again I need your support and let's all have fun watching the Sooners together and down the road. 

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3,043 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3,043 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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