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About Ian Woolf

If you like a good, broad mix of Science - new science, hard science, pop science, historical science and very silly science, listen to Diffusion!

Diffusion Science Radio is a free weekly science and technology show broadcast on the Community Radio Network around Australia, the National Science Foundation's Science360.org internet radio station and Astronomy.FM in the USA, and podcast around the world. We feature the people, perspectives and stories that rarely reach the mainstream media - insightful, unusual, funny, surprising and quirky science. There are lots of people doing amazing science and making incredible things, and we love to help them tell their stories. We report, explain, interview, and discuss everything from 3D printed ice cream, space beer, and vampire mice, to the science of Doctor Who.

Aubrey De Grey talks about eternal life: http://www.diffusionradio.com/2012/05/the_seven_d...

Stelarc talks about his transhuman art: http://www.diffusionradio.com/2011/10/stelarc_and...

The science of Doctor Who http://www.diffusionradio.com/2013/04/sonic_screw...

How can you hear us?

Diffusion is syndicated to around 26 stations around Australia on the Community Radio Network, including 2RBM in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, 8CCC in Alice Springs and Tennant Creek, 2NVR in Nambucca Valley, 3MBR in the Mallee Border Districts of Victoria and South Australia, 7LTN City Park Radio in Launceston, Tasmania, and my local station 2RDJ in Burwood New South Wales.  Diffusion is also broadcast in the USA on the National Science Foundation's Science360.gov Internet Radio Station and Astronomy.FM. The Diffusion podcast is downloaded around 10 000 times per month. You can choose from over 9500 shows to listen to, from the archive at


You can now catch the show on Youtube!

Diffusion Science Radio on Youtube

Award winning show!

In 2011 Diffusion won the Best Talk Show Award at 2SER Sydney Educational Radio. In 2012 Diffusion won a $10 000 Content Development Grant from the Community Broadcasting Association through 2SER.

Independent journalism

In 2013, after 18 years on-air, 2SER cut Diffusion from Station Programming. We left 2SER and became independent.


Ian Woolf is the producer, host, interviewer, feature writer and news gatherer, with over 18 years experience in broadcasting science. Ian is a polymath in training (uber-geek), and has a degree in Applied Physics from UTS. Ian recently worked on the Science Communication Education Project SCEP.

For the project, he conducted and recorded over 20 interviews with UTS scientists, and produced audio podcasts for students to write about. The audio was used as the basis for video interviews conducted by a video journalism lecturer for Public Relations. SCEP ended when the funding ran out. The results are published as “The research-teaching nexus as a driver for science communication skills enhancement”. All the interviews were broadcast on Diffuson. You can read the paper here http://hdl.handle.net/10453/11348 and listen to the interviews individually here: http://hdl.handle.net/10453/11348


Technology enthusiast Charles Willock who does fact and sound checking has an Honours degree in Physics, a Masters in Remote Sensing, and is completing his PhD in machine cognition.
John August (BSc), and Meow Ludo Meow Meow (Honours student in Microbiology) provide occasional contributions.

How can you help?

In 2017, Ian travelled around Sydney to record interviews with 80 people for  Diffusion! With your help, Ian could be attending The Singularity Summit, Humanity+ Conference, World Science Conference, and many other places where people worth interviewing gather. We need to pay for transport, accommodation and conference fees. Your tips on who to talk to, where to visit, and which topics to explore would be invaluable.

Skype interviews are good, but not everyone has Skype. Phone "hybrid" recorders, studio microphones and mixing panels will allow us to produce broadcast quality interviews with people around Australia and around the world.

Diffusion? "Dilute us and we just get stronger!"
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