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About Digital Quack

Hi there, my name is Les Mellor. My business is called Digital Quack and I create a webcomic called Quackers! as well as illustrations, comic art, videos and photography.

I've been creating Quackers! for over ten years now and posting almost daily content to social media for the last three, all for free! But now I'd like to do more and get more involved with fans, and this is where Patreon comes in! You see, Patreon allows you to support my work by pledging a monthly donation to help me to do what I love; create content for all of you.

But hang on... why give me money to do something I've been doing for free all this time? Well your pledges will help me to pay the bills to keep creating, buy and upgrade equipment, and above all, spend more time working for you. But also as a Patreon supporter you'll have access to cool things no-one else has access to!
  • Full sized images of my work instead of smaller, compressed ones seen elsewhere.
  • Quackers in hi-definition! See it in the 2k resolution I draw it in and not what gets posted online.
  • Behind the scenes peeks at work in progress sketches, inking, and painting. Also time lapse videos and layered files showing how I create a finished piece!
  • Commission discounts
  • The chance for your idea to be drawn as a free digital sketch.
  • The opportunity to interact with me as a creator and influence my work with suggestions and votes on what I should work on next.
More extras and exclusives will be discussed and maybe added in the future depending what you would like to see.

But please remember, this is not a paywall, it's more of a tip jar. I shall keep posting Quackers! and other content for everyone to my social media channels regardless of this Patreon campaign. But by helping out here you will get to see my content bigger, better, and brighter than ever before!
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Reaching this goal means that, over a year, you’ll all be pledging enough to cover the cost of keeping the Quackers domain and server running, allowing me to keep posting my comic publicly, without ads.
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