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Supporting the creation of my digital thangkas creates not only good karma for yourself but also for others. You will set my thangkas free for everyone to enjoy and use in Buddhist practice. 
Your monthly gift will also help me spreading Buddhist teachings through my courses: meditation and explaining the Buddhist iconography is an integral part of my teachings.




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About Digital Thangka

"I have always regarded my digital thangkas 
bigger than myself."

My name is Fred van der Zee and I am a digital thangka painter.

I am not an artist, I am an artisan: I create dharma objects for use in Buddhist teachings and practices. This deeply-felt conviction is the source of my mission:
“To offer the global community thangka images, firmly rooted in Tibetan painting traditions and Buddhist teachings, but with the perfection of the digital age.”
I started studying thangka painting in 2008 with Andy Weber, a renowned Western thangka painter. Although all my images are entirely painted digitally, they follow centuries old rules, measurements and colour schemes. Since I take great care in using the correct iconography, you can use them in visualization meditation and your daily Buddhist practice. Of course they can also be enjoyed as the beautiful art pieces they are.
I want my digital thangkas to be obtainable for all people, regardless of their social and economical status. This is why all my work is downloadable for free on my website

Your patronage will help all of us!
Your support will help me and others in two ways:
  1. I can offer my thangkas for free to the global community to enjoy and use in Buddhist practise
  2. I can teach my art to aspiring digital thangka painters.
You will not only create positive karma for yourself but also for all people who will be able to use and enjoy my digital thangkas.

Here are some links to explore more of my digital thangkas.

My website where you can download all of my images.
My FB Workshop where you can follow the creation of my thangkas.
My FB gallery with my finished thangkas and some pictures of clients.

Current thangka projects
My main project at the moment is the Mandala of the Medicine Buddha (with 53 detailed pictures), but I am also working on some other thangkas.

$393.35 of $543 per month

From 1 January 2019 onwards all my images will be free for download at my download page regardless of any goal reached.
However, I need $543 per month to live from, even for the bare essentials. Your support will allow me to offer all my thangka images to the global community for free, for all to enjoy and use in Buddhist practise.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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