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About Dignity Defense Institute

The Mission Overview

Dignity Defense Institute aims to use science, medicine, philosophy, and law to reenforce the dignity of human life at conception through to natural death or forfeit.
Life has inherent value, and if any line is drawn other than at conception the dignity of human life can be undermined at any point beyond the womb.

We need to get down to the foundations of why human dignity matters and why it should be protected, or else any number of atrocities can be committed against humanity without guilt - abortion, sex trafficking, and genocide just to name a few.

How do we do that?

We educate the masses by use of all the many resources provided within the scientific, medical, philosophical, and legal communities, and then we take to the public policy process to create the needed change to protect the dignity and personhood of every innocent living person.

The Vision Overview

Our Founder’s background in harnessing the power of digital media to drive social change has inspired us to do the same.

Digital marketing/advocacy can be an incredibly powerful - not to mention cost effective - manner of reaching the masses and impacting policy, and that’s why one of the key actionable components of our mission is to use these tools for the purpose of educating.

We’ll take to digital media to educate on: what human dignity is, why it’s important to protect, how current culture often undermines the defense of dignity (giving opportunity for many atrocities to be committed against it without guilt), and much more.

The general public’s woeful ignorance to how much science, medicine, philosophy, and law reenforces the dignity of human life starting at conception must change. And through partnership with key figures within those industries, we’ll bring both clarity to the issues and credibility to our cause.

Beyond our education component, impacting public policy will be the other big piece to the puzzle. We’ll be working in any arena from applying public pressure on our elected officials to stand against policy that undermines dignity to influencing it ourselves.

The Plan Overview

The Plan is simple: Partnership.

By partnering with many other like-minded individuals across the nation, we’ll be able to amplify the impact of our mission.

That’s why we’re here on Patreon…to form partnerships.

In order to get this organization off and running, there’s no denying, funding is paramount. Because of this, we want to make clear our plan by laying it out here.

  • Phase One Needs
Our first phase is a humble one…simply get enough monthly funding to frame the foundations: gain 5013(c) status, formalize organizational papers, formulate a full board, establish branding, etc.

  • Phase Two Needs
Our second phase is to pour the foundation and build the structure: develop a website for our educational materials to live, establish all digital accounts and services, build an organizational presence through digital advertisement, produce regular educational article/video content, and much more.

  • Phase Three Needs
Once the foundation is made and the structure constructed, then comes finishes and occupancy: finalize all operational system components, do a full digital launch of content and advertisement, dedicated manpower to building the industry partnerships, dedicated manpower to organizational operations, dedicated manpower to increase frequency and quality of educational content, and much more.

This third phase is far from the last phase, but it is where the rubber meets the road, and is where we start to gain real momentum.

We Need You

But, we cannot get there without your help. So, a huge thank you to anyone who is able or willing to partner with us in the fight to defend dignity!
$64 of $1,000 per month
At $1,000 contributions per month, we'll be able to officially file for our 5013(c), as well as, establish official branding for the organization! So much goes into making an organization tick, and hitting this goal will be the first step in a grand plan!
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