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About Dilmer Valecillos

Welcome !

Hi there, I'm Dilmer Valecillos and the creator of a small indie studio called Dilmer Games...

I've been creating indie games for the past 5-6 years and I've learned a lot about the game industry such as what it takes to ship a game and also be successful while doing it. I've also love to share what I'm learning while creating games either by video, tweets, GitHub, or an educational article in my blog.

My main projects right now are Demolition Co which is about a demolition company where procedurally generated buildings get created and the "player" is tasked with strategically bringing them down. YouTube Channel this is a high quality channel where I try to post the best videos that can help the game development community with their games, I also post about AR/VR and about Visual Effects from time to time.

Why Patreon?

Over the last few months I've been creating videos in YouTube, this started as an experiment to find out if my community would enjoy content through video, while I started to do it as an experiment it then became a passion, a passion for teaching, a passion for sharing my learning in YouTube. Patreon will allow me to do this with the help of more people, currently I am doing everything which is honestly crazy, I am making an indie game which will be launching for Magic Leap this year, I am making videos for the game development community, I am keeping social media up to date, blog, websites, honestly it is a lot of work, I don't complain because I love it but Patreon can be the solution to get help by hiring people who can do the repetitive tasks while I focus on bringing the best games and content.

I hope you understand and I really appreciate your support in my new endeavor...


Dilmer Valecillos
200 - reached! patrons
Currently I have a very small studio (office) but I always wanted to extend it by taking over my entire basement, one way I could do that is by investing the earnings I get from 200 amazing Patrons.
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