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See The Future with Vasilisa
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Do you want to catch a glimpse into the future??? We have worked closely with our favorite fortune teller to be able to bring you episodes FOUR DAYS in advance. Not only that, but you get to nudge fate in your favor. Vote for an episode title and the one with the most votes is the one that gets published on our main feed!
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Get Out of the Cold with James
per month
Looks like those cold checks are getting to you. Come on in out of the snow to our recording studio! James will sit down with a different character every month for a radio interview. What is Vasilisa's favorite color? How old was Marigold when she got adopted? What was Valdeen's favorite mission? Do the Gundersons actually know how many kids they have?

This tier adds monthly interviews with a rotating cast of characters featured on The Dimension Door Podcast
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Consult with a Cartomancer
per month
Have you ever had a burning question so dire and important that you wanted to utilize the mystic arts of witchcraft to find the answer... sounds like a very important question. Send it to our resident wise woman and she will pose the question to her cards and give you a Harrow reading. Then using mAgiC (high quality internet video) we will send it your way. Ask a new question every month!

In addition, we would love it if you contributed to our story we are telling. Send us a name (subject to approval) and we will work it into our story. Will you be an evil minion of the Witch Queen Elvana, a friendly merchant of a local village, or even a prominent figure in one of our PC's backstories?
  • Monthly Harrow Readings
  • Name an NPC (one time reward)
  • Early Access
  • Exclusive Voting Power
  • Interviews




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We are The Dimension Door Podcast. Every two weeks we send out an episode chronicling our journey through the world of Golarion, playing through the Reign of Winter adventure path from Paizo. Now, that's a lot of jargon for some of you. Basically, we are a small group of dedicated storytellers working together to improvise an adventure based on a guide. Still too full of jargon? We roll dice and pretend to be other people. There; that should sort you out.

If you've found your way here, chances are you've already been listening and are thinking about supporting us! Yay! We love you for making it this far. We have outlined a number of hopefully-attractive rewards for sending us some of your hard earned cash. But what does said cash go towards? Is it to make bail on our secret 5th member of the podcast who's been wrongfully imprisoned? Is it to buy a lawyer for that same person? Is it so we can all retire and open up an animal sanctuary? It's so we can stop spending money out of pocket and get out of the red, then pay the people that make this all possible.

Right now, we are working towards becoming a sustainable show. That means paying our monthly costs that go to our hosting sites for our website and podcast. After that, we shall be raising funds to cover our expenses incurred during production. These are the hardware and software bits that we had to purchase ahead of time to make the podcast actually happen. After we reach that goal, then comes the fun part: Actually paying the people who make this possible. We have our lovely voice talent, our audio editor, and our producer to compensate.
$40.48 of $45 per month
This amount allows us to stop paying all the monthly podcast costs out-of-pocket, meaning we aren't hemorrhaging money any longer. The podcast is now a stable, viable entity that can keep happening. Anything greater than this and we can start paying our investor back for all the startup costs. (...That investor is James.)
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