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There's also a special gift for you in the game when you connect your Patreon account in Dimensions.VIP. 

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About Dimensions VIP

Dimensions is a story driven adult game that explores quantum mechanics, multi-dimensional adventures, and kinky encounters with strong, independent women. The game is free to play, with a focus on free. All content can and will be realistically achievable without spending real money.

With your support, we can build the game faster and better, hire more artists, write more stories, and include more content. In return, Patreons get in-game rewards. 

An important note on recurring rewards: Patreon charges monthly support on the day you sign up and then again on the next 1st of the month. For example, if you sign up on February 15, you get charged then, but again on March 1. This does not affect the duration of your rewards. You will immediately get your rewards when you sign up, and they last for 30 days. Then, after your first reward period expires, you will get a new 30 day period if you are still a supporter. If you have paid for two months, you will get two months of rewards. 

To play the game, you need to register for an account, which you can do either on the main page https://dimensions.vip/ or inside the game itself.

We currently support PC and Android and here are the links:
PC, x64: https://diml.ink/pc
Android: https://diml.ink/android

Note that the Android build will cause a warning from Google Play that the developer is unknown and the source may be dangerous. You may also need to allow custom APK installations on your phone, and Wikihow can show you how.

We also have builds for Mac and Linux but these have not been extensively tested so they are not supported as such.
Mac OSX: https://diml.ink/mac
Linux: https://diml.ink/linux

Who are we?
Dimensions VIP is built by a team of currently 8 people who combined have several decades of experience in our respective fields, averaging around 6 years of experience. We currently have three developers, four artists (one of which is our CEO), and a community manager. Five of the members (>60%) are women. Our age ranges span from mid 20s to mid 40s. The team comes from multiple countries and currently resides in the US, Mexico, and Europe. We work both remotely and from our main office in Mexico City. 

For most of the team, this is our main job, but some the team also work on other projects that pay our bills and salaries. Hopefully, with your support, we can all focus fully on this game. 

Why are we on Patreon?
This game is a big deal for us. We've put almost all our resources and savings into funding the development. Our hope is that you too enjoy the game and will support the project so that we can focus full on building this game and possibly even other games in the future. 

Patreon allows us to share our passion with you and at the same time reward those that choose to support our work. 

Still, our goal is to make a game that is free to play, where 'free' is the important word. All game content is and will be realistically available without paying anything, and no content outside the rewards created specifically for Patreons here will require payment. The Patreon exclusive content does not affect the storylines and are solely for reward purposes.

A note on NSFW content: Patreon does not allow publicly visible NSFW content. However, the first tier, at the lowest price we can set, will give you access to all NSFW content we publish here. The game itself is very much NSFW but has an option to show only SFW content, in case your boss or mother or spouse is peeking over your shoulders and you don't want to show them what you see.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 21 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 21 exclusive posts

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