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A Little About Myself:
Hello everyone! I'm Dimitra Khan, hostess of Dimitra's Dishes, a delicious cooking channel on YouTube. Let me tell you a little about myself: I'm a very busy mom of 5, my husband and I have been running our Greek restaurant/cafe for the past 10 years. We homeschool the little ones, have 3 in college, work together as a team and love every crazy minute of it! I've NEVER been to culinary school. I HAVE been cooking for over 20 years with 10 of those years in the restaurant world. As a child, I preferred watching cooking shows over cartoons...I know! Some may find that to be a tad bit strange, but it was the start of an awesome eduction in the food world.  I've learned so much over the years and I love sharing those tips and shortcuts with all of you. I have a passion for cooking for the people that I love and believe that sharing a delicious meal creates traditions and memories that will last a lifetime. 
I believe that food brings people together so, I teach cooking in the most simple way possible to make it easy to do that. I know what works and what doesn't. I never promote products that are useless or that I don't like. I HATE that and know that you do too! 

How Patreon Works:

I get loads of emails and messages with menu questions. With over 15 years of entertaining experience under my belt, I've learned the do's and don'ts (learned those the hard way) of how to host a dinner party. I've decided to share my menus here with you. I will post at least 2 full Menu episodes, each with a special theme, every month. I will also try to post extra videos related to entertaining as often as I can. Each episode will teach you how to create a delicious menu from start to finish, appetizer to dessert, effortlessly. Because the whole point of cooking is to bring people together, and what's the point of having friends and family over if you're stuck slaving away in the kitchen the entire time? A downloadable PDF will be available with each episode. All of the recipes will be listed in both Standard and Metric measurements and will also contain a step by step game plan. 
If you need extra help customizing a special menu, book a menu consultation by choosing the  "Menu Consultation" tier. I limit how many I can take each month so sign up quickly to secure your slot.
I will also answer ALL of the comments on here. I get hundreds of messages everyday on the various platforms that I'm active on: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Email, etc... It's impossible to answer all of them (I really wish I could..) But, here I will make sure to respond to each and every comment.

I look forward to creating these episodes for you and to reading your messages. 

I really appreciate your support and know that I couldn't do any of this without you! Thanks a million! Let's cook, share & create beautiful memories!
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Customize a menu for a special event with me. This consultation begins with email to discuss ideas and themes and then a 30 minute scheduled phone call to answer any questions that you may have. Recipe pdfs along with a step-by-step game plan will be provided.

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