is creating deeBot, a multi-purpose Discord bot

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This is the lowest tier of the rewards.

If you pledge $2 per month, you will earn the Patron role in deeBot's Discord server.

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If you pledge $5 per month, you will get access to a secret testing group on Discord, and you will have the chance to try out new features before they get released to the public.

This also includes all perks from the previous tier.
Includes Discord benefits
per month
If you pledge $10 per month, you will get access to deeJay, my private Music Streaming bot, in one guild of your choice, for you and your friends to enjoy.

(You can choose an extra guild every month you remain as a patron!)

This also includes all perks from the previous tiers.
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Who are you and why should I support you?
My name is Dinos and you're probably here for my Discord bot, deeBot :D

I am a university student in Computer Science and I have been programming for the past 4-5 years as a hobby. deeBot is the most complex creation I have to date and I am really proud of how long it has been going on (3 years!).

Unfortunately, affording large scale hosting can get a tad difficult. For the most part, deeBot has been running on money out of my pocket. As a result the hardware it's being run on is restricted to a single CPU core and a few GigaBytes of RAM. This means that its feature set is quite limited, since complex tasks are more intensive and need greater server specs. With your support, I will be able to keep upgrading the server that hosts deeBot to allow for a better overall experience.

Ever since launching this Patreon campaign, I have been able to get support to cover most of the bot's monthly needs, which is awesome and I'm not sure if I would be able to keep going for it for so long without my supporters.

How come hosting a bot can be so expensive?
There are many features that are feasible in a testing environment but not in production. As the bot grows, more and more people utilize it daily, which requires exponentially more resources to operate smoothly. A great example for this case is music streaming, which is using the bot as a music player for your voice channels. Operating a music bot is extremely demanding, and the machine the bot currently runs on cannot handle that much pressure.

Is this necessary?
No it's not, and I wouldn't ask you to do this unless you have extra money and really feel like helping me out with this project. You will also be able to cancel your pledge anytime, so if there comes a point that you can no longer keep it up, feel free to cancel your subscription.

What will I get in return?
There are several perks that will be handed out to the supporters of this project. More info about the different tiers can be found on this page. Feel free to join my Discord guild and ask any questions related to Patreon!
$9.24 of $25 per month
This is the lowest goal, and it covers the minimum costs of operation for the bot. Not reaching this target means that I will have to spend extra money for hosting, which might eventually lead to an inability of maintaining the bot.
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