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 Hi Friends, if you liked my articles, stories, poetry, Videos, Blogs, Vlogs, Seminars, Motivational Speeches, Photography Works and short films if some changes happened in your life from them, then you can encourage me by donating money. The money donated by you is fully used for my future Film-Making projects. If you wish you can donate me from 1 Dollar to any amount.  Thanks you lot... 




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About Director Satishkumar

Satishkumar is a young multi language writer ( English, Hindi Marathi and Kannada,), Motivational Speaker, Photographer, Entrepreneur and independent filmmaker from India. And also he is the founder and CEO of Roaring Creations Pvt Ltd India. To read stories written by me visit @ my official websites, and to watch photography works please visit @ To watch my short films and future films do subscribe to my official YouTube channel (Director Satishkumar /YouTube) and for more updates follow me on all social media sites. Thanks You....

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