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About Directors Library

We’re an ever-growing directory on directing.

Dedicated to presenting a selection of the latest best-of from directing talent across music videos, commercials, shorts and motion pictures. 

Each day, we run a search to get in front of videos being released online, we look to both established directors as well as work being produced by new and upcoming talent

We regularly share motion picture trailers, commercials, branded content, fashion films, music videos, short films, animated films, video shorts, video essays, visual essays & interviews. Our focus is on craft, creativity and independent voices.

Directors Library launched in June 2017. We are self-funded and currently financially backed entirely by this Patreon. Anything you can pledge goes into making the Directors Library a better resource.

We hope to make major site improvements moving forwards - really ambitious things. Please be aware that by pledging to support Directors Library it does not mean that we are automatically obliged to share your work. If you are a company we do have Patreon options that allow you to advertise through our website, please see our tiers for more information.

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