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The corporate media don't deliver the news, they misrepresent them to manipulate the citizenry. They are in cahoots with the sordid and callous oligarchy of utter corruption. They are part of our fundamentally corrupt system that stands in the way of a truly human society in which all people can thrive. That's why we desperately need more independent media and must keep them alive. I thank the first Patreon sponsors of mine. I haven't sent out personal thank you notes, nor collected information for publicly naming these first sponsors, because I hold privacy dear and think that my sponsors might do so too. Should a sponsor ask for it (private message please), I will be happy to create a Sponsors Page on Beanstock's World listing all sponsors who wish to be publicly listed by whatever name they give me.

Best messaging portal: https://beanstocksworld.wordpress.com/contact/

The Invisible World — Science Made Easy!

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A revolutionary online science course in the form of a casual social media conversation which makes science into what it should be (and always has been for scientists): easy, exciting, and eye-opening.

For just $5 a month you can participate. Jump in or leave at any time. There are no grades, no assignments, no schedule commitments. You just get to have fun discovering how the natural world around you (and inside you) works.

Highly recommendable when:

  • you must get science credits in school or college but struggle with boredom or making sense
  • you are past those courses but learned nothing and really want to understand nature and become scientifically literate
  • you are curious, but your teachers have always brushed off your questions — now you can ask
  • you want to create mutual benefits: you widen your horizons, and – at the same time – a bright scientist turned teacher, who fits in no traditional school but has what it takes to explain the universe in everyday language, is put back to work letting him follow his educational passion and also keep blogging for a better world on the side — a win-win

Find out more here (including the sign-up steps to follow after setting up your donation): The Invisible World — Science Made Easy!



About Dirk Droll

1.) Political News and Essays to build a world for ALL people to thrive.
2.) Science literacy.

Many of us Americans are sick of being sicker, poorer, and even dying because of our political and economic corruption — and most still don’t understand exactly what’s wrong or how we may change it. I am working to fix this in my blogs and a book I have started. If you find my writing (for example here and here) valuable, please help me to continue by becoming a patron of my work here and now. Even $1 will help. Or..., if you would like to easily come to understand science, then learn amazing insights from a knowledgeable scientist (me) as a thank-you for a donation of a mere $5 per month — a win-win. :-)
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Replacing my thankless day jobs would allow me to not only produce more and better pieces, and finish writing my transformative book, but also to push for greater reach on more outlets, something for which I currently have no time.
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