is creating art, queer selfies, community and non-binary antics.
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Welcome to Alex's Bunny friends! Please join us in chatting and playing.

This tier gets you:

  • access to my private discord server
  • a peep at my patrons-only feed including my monthly calendar delineating community game nights and raffles!
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Let's make some art!

This tier gets you:

  • monthly digital sketchbook
  • process gifs and PSDs
  • a say on what I draw on stream via polls
  • a chance to win a custom doodle in my monthly raffle! (digital or physical options)
  • all rewards from previous tiers <3
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It's time to play with makeup, costumes and props! 


This tier gets you:

  • access to my secret selfies, with special make up, cosplay etc
  • a vote on what I cosplay next
  • all rewards from previous tiers

Sshhh, don't tell anyone! <3




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About Alex

Hi there, cuties across the gender spectrum!

My name's Alex and I'm your dirtbag boyfriend now. I’m a non-binary Arab artist, game designer and selfie connoisseur. I cosplay too because I’m that loser, but you love it (I hope?).

I've recently gone fulltime creator, meaning most of my income comes from this here Patreon!

I want to love and support you and chat with you, create a safe space where we can share our dreams and projects and selfies in peace. I want to shoot the shit together and I want to be pretty for you and myself.

I'm often posting thoughts on my twitter, @dirtbagboyfren where I talk about the modern Arab identity, games, and make lewd Pokemon jokes. I also post plenty of selfies!

Who are you, Alex?

I'm an artist, a game designer and a loud diversity advocate, often yelling about Arab representation, people of color and LGBT+ folks in games so that you don’t have to. Let me fight for you when you’re tired, protect you and make you laugh. I’ve spoken at GDC twice, GaymerX, GaymerX East and Games Developers of Color, MAGfest, BlerDCon, PAX, Orcacon etc etc

I also love cosplay and makeup and so far have cosplayed Super Sonico, Squall Leonhart, Zarya and Link (Breath of the Wild’s). I like getting lewd too, so if you pledge high enough you’ll get to see sexier sets!

I have big plans now that I'm pivoting to fulltime creation and it's all thanks to you! When you support me, you support all these endeavors AND YOU SUPPORT MY CATS!

Thank you for reading this, I love you.
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