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About Dirty Deeds & Thunder Thieves

Welcome, welcome!
We are Dirty Deeds & Thunder Thieves, a D&D real play podcast!
Our group consists of Baba (the DM), Sean (Jonrik the bard half-elf), Sami (Rahka the cleric half-orc), Chris (Moonbeam Stu the druid lizardfolk), Ashleigh (Sakaria the rogue tiefling), and Helix (Big Papa Alf the sometimes fighter, sometimes rogue bugbear).
We upload episodes every Wednesday at 2 pm CST (noon PST & 3pm EST) on PodbeanSpotify, and Itunes.
With our audience growing, we want to be able to give listeners the highest quality content we can, which can range from better audio and editing equipment to appearing live at conventions near you! All of us work for a living and are finding any and extra free-time we have to put together this podcast. Not only do we love doing it, but we love that we can help people laugh some on hump day.
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