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This buys the two bottles of water I drink to research, record, and edit each Interactive Odyssey as the liquid quenches my mind to write more humanity-saving scripts. 

Thanks for keeping me hydrated!

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This supports the audio & video equipment I use to record each Interactive Odyssey. Moderate Ideas also includes EASTER EGGS sent to you personally, providing further insight (and secrets!) into each narrative journey. 

Thanks for keeping the vision alive!

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Picked by my Big Idea Patrons, I'll tackle the biggest idea dominating that month's conversation chosen by ALL OF YOU. These Interactive Odysseys are much longer & in-depth, both the audio & visual supplements. 

I'll also write you a personalized haiku. Because who doesn't f*cking love Japanese poetry. (Unless you don't have a soul, then I'll send you lighted lollipops.)




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About Discoarse

(ELI SAMUEL) is a New York native - REPORTEDLY IN BROOKLYN - and an award-winning writer, photographer, filmmaker, and creative vigilante fighting for free speech & open ideas @ DISCOARSE available on podcast platforms everywhere.

Each Interactive Odyssey will feature a narrative podcast about a controversial subject, along with a visual & text supplement, offering a unique 21st century way to educate, illustrate, and engage with the internet the way it should be: fun and effective AF.

Please help me tell stories that can truly save humanity. Or at least, try. Discourse is all we have, whether it's coarse or fine. Just be cool. Thanks!

Brought to you by Discoarse: the exchange of *fine ideas, deep storytelling, and the somewhat absurd slipstream of humanity's potential...or 'How to Stay Cool in the Future.' 🙏

Intro @ Exurb1a 🤖
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If we reach this goal, I can produce a full-time Discoarse series platform available each week that includes in-depth video, audio, and textual experiences - hosted by yours truly! Not only will it feature the biggest (and baddest) ideas, but include guest speakers & experts on any given topic with input from YOU!

And guess what? We can do whatever the f*ck we want. No sponsors, no ads, no outside meddling - just raw knowledge uniting humanity for the better.

Eventually, I'd like to expand Discoarse to a live-event series: a fight club for debates so to speak that we can all participate in, where the best ideas beat bad ideas & thought leaders battle it out for ultimate, intellectual supremacy.

We need an open forum that's truly independent. Because words matter. And some words hurt. But we should never be afraid to talk about anything.

Stay tuned! #nosafespaces
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